Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Harvey Nicks

When we had a couple of manufacturing runs at the nut factory under our belt things were starting to look good. The porridge was selling well at our 2 stockists (Abi’s friend’s deli and the bakery where nana gets her sausage rolls) and we were feeling invincible. Abi suggested that we try and get it in a bigger store and we decided to start at the top and sent a box to Harvey Nichols food hall. It’s fair to say that at this stage we still had a bad case of impostor syndrome whenever we spoke to anyone so talking to the buyer at Harvey Nichols was pretty nerve-wracking.

Harvey Nichols: ‘We love your products and would like to stock them’

Fleur: ‘Really? WOW, that’s fantastic news, yes, gosh…GREAT!’

Harvey Nichols: ‘What is the name of your distributor?’

Fleur: ‘Our what?’

Harvey Nichols: ‘Your distributor’


Fleur: ‘I’m not sure what that is but if you tell me I’ll get one.’

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