Monday, 21 July 2008

Other things we nearly bought

Other things that we [AE: Fleur] nearly bought and two that we actually did.

1: Various large attachments that turn bicycles into a giant contraption for transporting large objects.

2: Various Uniforms for wearing while producing porridge at home (in the end I didn’t get the white wellies, sanitizing foot bath or face masks and just went for a simple lab coat and hair net)

3: A factory (phew)

Things I did buy which we didn’t need

1: 12 000 little sleeve things to join 2 pots together (we found out afterwards that these are useless unless you have an industrial sized hair-dryer style flame-thrower that shrinks them, similar to the one used by Sigourney Weaver in Alien 2)

2: A 2 metre high fridge that was too big for the kitchen and stood like a neon tardis in my bedroom for 3 weeks until I sold it on Ebay and an Indian man with a fluorescent turban came and took it away.


Nibbles said...

Interesting blog.... How about shedding some light on how you found customers to buy your porridge?

I think I make the best chocolates, but don't know anyone who'll want to buy it - commercial level - so, that I can make a living out of it - do, waiting to read your inputs on that .....

Grace said...

I should have gone to bed hours ago, but instead I'm giggking at your excellent blog. Thanks Fleur, keep up the good work x

Grace said...

Oh, and that's 'giggling'. Obviously.