Tuesday, 15 July 2008


This blog is the story of how my sister and I started a porridge company by accident even though she is addicted to extreme sports and spent nearly the entire first year in traction [AE: it was only a broken arm and a broken foot] and I have OCD and prefer not to leave the house.

The following entries provide a poorly structured, grammatically weak account of our life setting up a Grasshopper from nothing. It offers very little practical
information and is fanciful and facetious. It is, however, full of advice that we have been given from other people with more experience than us. We have tried to include the information we wished that we had known all in one go before we started. We hope that it inspires you and if it doesn’t you can always print it out, shred it and use it as hamster bedding.

This blog is dedicated to fellow under-achievers of the World. [AE: speak for yourself, I have a Master of Science]


Anonymous said...

i dont have a hamster..can i shred it and use as food for milo...im sure it will taste of grasshopper porridge only not so oaty and full of cereal goodness!! Conratulations on breaking waitrose!
See you in august hopefully

red nemesis dog said...


when do we get the next chapter?

Anonymous said...

This is a good story...i like the bit about the pig machine. Can we have more pictures of the grassy girls please