Tuesday, 12 August 2008

My Not-Husband

My Not-Husband is too old for me and looks like Chief Brody from Jaws. He has the neutral demeanour of a Tai Chi master and meeting him was like that game they play in Latin America when they electrocute themselves with a car battery for kicks. In retrospect I suspect that my metaphorical window overlooked his inner courtyard which people don't always like.

Last time I saw him he explained that Abi and I shouldn't worry about big companies making the same product as us and that we should put as much of ourselves into the brand as we could; that we were our own point of difference. This is a helpful notion and can help alleviate The Fear [See 'The Fear and How to avoid Panic Ping-Pong'] although obviously, we still don't like copycats.

In a parallel universe we settled down together in the big house at the end of Slapton beach and grew rhubarb.

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