Thursday, 23 October 2008

Albert Rd, Southsea is where my dad used to play in Uncle Dudley’s men’s outfitters, where I had my first job working at Tremlett’s chemist squirting out-of-date enemas down the drain for £1 and hour and where we had the life-changing experience of watching ET at The Salon cinema.

It is also the place where just occasionally, if we were lucky, we’d get sent on an errand to buy something from The Southsea Health Shop, known always as ‘Herbies’. Herbies at that time stocked many of the ingredients of Delia Smith recipes that weren’t widely available like cumin seeds and carob powder (looks like cocoa tastes like dust). It also stocked of the holy grail of confectionary, The Kendall Mint Cake.

If regular confectionary just isn’t doing it for you and you need a retro sugar-high that goes on and on then The Kendall Mint Cake is for you. And with 300% more calories than your average chocolate bar it is the gift that keeps on giving…[AE: Where are you going with this?]

We are happy and excited to report the Southsea Health Shop, original provider of obscure wholefood ingredients to the forward thinking mums of the 1970s now stocks Grassy.

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