Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Please don’t hate us…

Forgive me porridge-eaters, it has been 50 days since my last blog. During that time I have been distracted by a series of extra-ordinary events, in fact so many things have gone right that if I were someone else I’d probably hate me for getting all the luck.

Here are the highlights; I will try not to sound smug or self-regarding when I describe them. Please remember that Abi and I are the business underdogs and that life before Grassy was a catalogue of failure and despair that technically you should be on our side and want us to do well…

1. Waitrose placed their first order

2. The product sold 3 times the forecasted amount in the first week (if you are thinking that we probably just got our family to buy it all you’d be right, but see point 3)

3. Sales in the second week doubled again.

4. We won the regional heat of the O2 X awards in the food and drink sector

5. Waitrose called to arrange a photo shoot as they are writing an article on us for their magazine.

6. Waitrose re-ordered after one week

7. I was interviewed about business on BBC London and didn’t get stuck on any of the questions.

8. Waitrose re-ordered AGAIN after another week

9. Abi made friends with an advertising agency who are going to give us the help that we can’t afford in return for a chocolate hedgehog cake.

All of this was so over-whelming that I lay on my bed for long periods of time staring at the ceiling. What happens now? Are the outsiders becoming the insiders? How is that going to work out? Will I get used to things going right all the time? Is just thinking about that going to jinx it? Will I be able to disguise my Margaret Thatcher face of fury when they announce someone else’s name for the O2 award? Will I get inner-confidence because I am a successful entrepreneur and radiate boyfriend-attracting charisma? Answers to thee questions will follow shortly.

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