Monday, 22 December 2008

Nearly Christmas...

My inner voice (Tony) turned out to be completely wrong. The interview that I was so worried about was amazing, truly, flattering in fact, thank goodness. True we look slightly orange in the picture but that’s just a detail, the main thing is that I don’t appear to be an incompetent fool, phew.

I’d like to tell you that Grasshopper is winding down to enjoy a family Christmas but it’s not the case at all, there are no decorations up at Grassy HQ just 100 kilos of powdered milk stacked floor to ceiling. The last few months we have been secretly moving Grassy production to an amazing new factory in Cheshire, which is, so space age it looks like Cape Canaveral. It has huge machines with flashy lights and a massive warehouse like the final scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark (I just mistyped that as Raisins of the Lost Ark which is the Grassy remake) Anyway, I have been in Cheshire meeting our new production team who love Prince Charles and have a photo of him in their boardroom so we had that in common. We are delivering porridge to Waitrose up until Christmas Eve then Grassy will be making a few social appearances and hunkering down to some quality telly and a couple of kilos of Roses grow on you before we attack 2009 with our usual vigour. Abi meantime is learning to fly-fish. As you do.

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