Friday, 23 January 2009

Credit Crunchtastic

Apparently an important part of marketing is in-store promotions. Abi and I made one attempt at this last year and it was a complete failure. Although we tried our best to overcome our nerves and proffer the miniature scoops of congealed porridge with conviction the customers sensed our fear and lurched away from us, taking cover behind a shelf of condiments and other larder essentials.

Last week Waitrose invited us to do an in-store promotion in the food hall at John Lewis Oxford St and because we love Waitrose and do anything they say, we agreed. Having decided that giving away only a morsel of porridge is too stingy and that giving a whole pot is way better we arrived with 500 pots stashed in our trade-mark leopard print bags from the pound shop and prepared to stand in the corner and be ignored. We were SO WRONG, the store is like heaven, everyone who works there was LOVELY to us and we didn’t want to go home afterwards. When we gave people free samples they reacted as though they were auditioning for a Daz commercial, ‘[GASP] I never thought my tea-towels could be that white!’
It was heaven to stand there for an hour feeling the love and meeting our public, people actually THRONGED at one point.

The cherry on the John-Lewis-experience cake came when an old friend of mine arrived out of the blue to help us out. The last time I had seen her I was copying her homework 22 years ago and here she was climbing aboard the Grasshopper Lovetrain. As with everything as soon as it was over, like a monkey with a button I wanted to do it again, so we’re booked in for Friday 6th February and hope to see you then for another credit crunchtastic Grassy give away bonanza.

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