Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Grasshopper, friend to the stars

As you will know if you have seen our Facebook pictures, Grasshopper has some celebrity friends. If you were impressed when we told you that we had met Ainsley Harriott and Vanessa Feltz I can tell you that since then we have enjoyed the following celebrity endorsement:

1. We had a drink (tap water) with Angelina Jolie’s hair dresser
2. We gave some to Gemma Aterton from James Bond (V pretty)
3. We talked about Grassy to this American guy who had just sold his company (I realised afterwards that it was Skype)
4. We have also sent porridge to Fern & Philip but we don’t know if they have tried it yet.

Dad said that we should send some porridge to Barrack Obama but I don’t think he’d be allowed to eat it. Having drifted off into a celebrity related daydream starring me as the first lady with hair as thick as Monica Lewinsky’s I was brought back down to Earth with a thud when the photographs from The Daily Mail ‘Anthea Turner’ shoot arrived in my inbox....

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