Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Everything I know about stress

Dad says that stress doesn’t exist but he also says ‘lunch is for wimps’ and he’s wrong about that (lunch is my third favourite meal of the day after breakfast and elevenses). According to medical science the symptoms of stress include irritability and sensitivity to criticism: in Abi’s case you can add spontaneous freak weather conditions and national security threats (

Stress busting is a very personal thing, it’s all about finding out what’s right for you... I once dated a man who used to listen to Enya in the shower before he had to sack someone (she wasn’t in the shower with him, her songs played through a speaker) and another who used to go to Africa and shoot things. Abi’s favourite stress busting activity is swimming lengths; she recommends 50-150 depending on the level of relief required. Mine is seeing Ralf who bends me like a pretzel while I play dead ( Abi also advises the following activities in times of extreme crisis: stroking your pet (see below), baking and pacing. I like to line things up, put things in alphabetical order or count things (using my fingers and the number patterns in my mind). I don’t have a pet because I am allergic.

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Anonymous said...

Hellow there!

I've just landed here as I followed a link from your website which I arrived at by reading an article in the Better Business Magazine which ... oh never mind.

I love your story. Instant porridge huh? Well done you. I must try some and see what all the fuss is about.

Love the blog too. I like your writing style. I don't usually read blogs ans they're ... well ... boring. But your's isn't.

Best wishes.