Friday, 19 February 2010


New product development is a process that the food industry takes very seriously. Whole teams of food scientists are hired to handle it and they call it ‘NPD’. For Grasshopper it means that Abi and I phone up lots of companies and get samples of different kinds of dried fruit, maple syrup and cereal and then eat them. We are currently working on NPD.

One of our investors brought back a packet of cereal from America for us to use as inspiration for our NPD work. I was so inspired by it that I ate it last night while I was watching Midsomer Murders (Our friend Kirsty is a detective on that and has to say things like ‘Let’s do this the easy way shall we?’) After I had eaten it I had to wash the pot out, measure 60g of gravel into the pot and glue the lid back on so that it can be used for NPD research.