Monday, 26 April 2010

Mercury Awards...

For every industry there is an awards ceremony and just as the movie business has the Oscars the airline catering industry has the only slightly less glamorous Mercurys. After spending many soul-destroying months trying to speak to airline food buyers and getting no-where someone pointed out that if we won one of these little beauties it might be easier to get taken seriously in the industry.

After completing our entry and sticking a stamp on the envelope we realised that to afford the entry fee we would have to clean out the bank account and then reach down the back of the sofa for loose change. Walking back from the post box Abi pointed out that now we’d coughed up to enter we’d better win (no pressure)

The next 6 weeks were spent building an imitation air steward’s trolley, deciding what to wear and rehearsing our presentation endlessly rotating our parents, friends and Nana in the role of the judges.

By the time the day of judging came we were nervous but also strangely excited, we got such a warm welcome by the competition organisers that the whole day turned out be less of a test and more of a fun Grassy outing. Abi dressed up a scientist, I wheeled the airhostess trolley and the judges were lovely. It was only on the drive back from Heathrow that we realised that after all that hard work and all that excitement we REALLY wanted to win it….